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Two people meet on a forum and decide to do some adventuring on the outskirts of burger city...

~30 minutes long, some Very Light sexual content. Made for the VN CUP in a week. (MUSIC IS KINDA LOUD SORRY)

set in the same universe as this and this

( ˘ ³˘)ノ°゚º❍。🦠🦠🦠( ˘ ³˘)ノ°゚º❍。


For audio I used these songs with permission:

find their itch account here:  https://melonwatersound.itch.io/


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wow, really nice vn! gave me some very tingly feelings.

I like this VN, heheh.  I'm a sucker for uncanny "liminal" spaces myself, so it was easy for me to get into the premise, and there were quite a few interesting ideas explored in terms of unusual feelings and sensations in a similar vein.  I also flushed a little at the more intimate parts, heheheh.

Admittedly, there were a few descriptions and such of what the characters / environments looked like that I had a hard time imagining, especially without having gone through any of the other works set in this universe.  The CGs were helpful for the environments, to be sure, but I would've liked to have seen some sprites of the characters as well—even if they were something as simple as the sketches showcased at the end!

That aside, I felt the background music & ambient sounds did a very good job of establishing the atmosphere for each of the scenes.  Also, the CG near the beginning showing the computer under the covers was super-cozy, heheh.  Keep up the good work~


thank you for writing out a thoughtful and thorough response! I have a lot of fun with my descriptions but I imagine they can be hard to parse. I'm glad the other components were able to help you paint a more clear picture.

I'm also glad it got a lil steamy for you!! I was really wondering if I had gone too light 😳

this story is so pretty i wasnt expecting it to be so good... its so emotional, i wish i could feel like gila

Thank you ! Me too...


that was such a trip, i wanted to be a sewer too ♡


Ahh! Thank you for taking the time to play and sharing your sentiment 🪱💓☺️